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Believing in Allah, the Great God is not just a matter of praying or doing good deeds, the true Muslim is required to fully understand his religion, that is why we have to learn about the basics of Aqeedah .

What is meant by Aqeedah ?

Allah did not order us to worship Him blindly without being sure that He is the real and only God in the whole existence! That is why the first Ayah (Verse) send to Muhammad (PBUH) was a direct order for all Muslims to “Read”.


This order was not only intended to make us read, it means that we have to learn more by considering all of God’s creations surrounding us, even ourselves, to truly believe in God and His power.


Aqeedah is the Mulims’s creed; the Muslims’ core beliefs about Allah, universe, life, death, afterlife, and other Islamic fundamentals.

Why do we need to learn Aqeedah ?

Aqeedah – as mentioned – represents the core beliefs in Islam which we must fully understand in order to behave like a real Muslim who is taught by God’s last prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).


The true understanding of Islam’s ideas and beliefs drives us to engage more with the religion and protects us from being misled away from the direct way to heaven, set by Allah to His believers and those who are attached to His religion.

What is an online Aqeedah course?

It is a course introduced by “Be Quran” to aid all Muslims around the world to understand Islam’s correct beliefs to help them live a meaningful life free from doubt raised by the misunderstanding of Islamic concepts.

What will you learn?

Online Aqeedah course aids you to identify the Muslims creed that includes:


-Proofs of Allah’s (God’s) existence through considering His creations

-Concept of God’s oneness

-Believing in God, His angels, His religions (Ex: Judaism and Christianity), and His messengers

-The meaning of afterlife and fate

Who is this course for?

Online Aqeedah course is available for all Muslims worldwide who are interested in understanding the Islamic creed basics. We offer the course for both young and adult non-Arabic speaking Muslims in an easy and exciting way.


This course has no prior requirements. However, it is better to already be familiar with reading and writing the Arabic language and how to recite and understand the Holy Quran. For more information you can check our courses:


-Noor Al Bayan

-Noorani Qaida

-Classic Arabic

-Arabic Alphabet

Why should you enroll in the online Aqeedah course offered by “Be Quran”?

Joining our Aqeedah learning has multiple advantages that include:

Being educated by qualified, professional native tutors who would help you understand the most important Islamic concepts easily


Availability of the course throughout the year with no pre-set schedules to help you choose your perfect studying times


The course is affordable for all Muslims worldwide

Designing the course to be “One to one” for ensuring the best learners’ experience



Start learning Islamic Aqeedah now by enrolling in our Aqeedah course for a better understanding of Islam, the religion of peace.

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Aqeedah course

Aqeedah course

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