Benefits of reciting “Ayat ul Qursi” 1000 times

Benefits of reciting “Ayat ul Qursi” 1000 times

The Quran is the precious book revealed by Almighty Allah to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Quran is a book of advice for all humanity, not only Muslims.

All Ayahs of the Quran are significant in their own right, although some are more famous than others. One such example is Ayat ul Qursi. In this post, we shall discuss the significance and advantages of reciting Ayat ul Qursi in short. Ayat ul Qursi is a Surah Al-Baqarah Ayah (verse255). According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is the most significant Ayah in the Quran. It is one of the four Quranic portions that are connected to Arsh (Allah’s Throne).

Benefits of reciting “Ayat ul Qursi” 1000 times


“Read Ayatul Kursi, this will protect you, your children, the house, and even the houses that surround your house,” the Holy Prophet (SAW) remarked of Ayat ul Qursi’s blessings.

Everyone understands that the Qur’an is a fantastic tool to keep the negative things at bay and learn everything you need to know to have a happy life. However, Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned “Ayat ul Qursi,” which is considered to provide his reader with several blessings in this life.

According to Hadhrat Ask Baqri, Nabi (saw) arrived to the Muhajireen’s house when someone questioned, “In the Kareem Quran, which is the greatest Ayat?” “Ayat ul Qursi,” said Nabi (saw). Ayat ul Qursi is the name given to Surah Baqarah 255. Because of its benefits, this is one of the passages that all Muslims across the world learn. This is significant and provides several benefits, including:

Shield against Shaitaan

Narra Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle instructed me to retain the Ramadan Zakat recipes. Then someone approached me and began taking the food. “I will take you to the Messenger of Allah ( )!” I seized it. Then Abu Huraira summarized the entire story and stated, “Do not take me to the Messenger of Allah, and I will give you a few words by which Allah will benefit you,” this individual stated to me.

“Go to your bed, recite Ayat ul Qursi, and Allah will send a guard to defend you all night, and Satan will be unable to reach you till daylight.” (When the Prophet ( ) heard the account), he remarked to me, “He (who came to you at night) told you the truth despite being a liar, and it was Satan.” [Bukhari]

Here are some of the advantages of Ayat ul Qursi:

Ayat ul Qursi is the most important Ayah in the Quran.

  • This is called the chief Ayah of the Quran.
  • The reading of Ayat ul Qursi is safeguarded from the Jinns’ evil effects from morning to evening and evening to morning.
  • It is from the Arsh of Allah’s threshold (Throne of Allah).
  • Inshallah, whoever recites it after Salaat Fard will be safeguarded till the next prayer and only death stands between the reader and Paradise.
  • The thief avoids approaching the reciter.
  • The reader’s pleasure will not be checked when it is recited with the final Ayat of Surah Baqarah.
  • Whoever reads it and “Inna Rabbakum Allaah…” and the final two Qualls for ladies to deliver, then inshallah, delivery becomes easy for her.
  • Shaitaan cannot go much closer to belongings when one reads it and blows on its products and assets.
  • Anyone who reads Ayat ul Qursi and the first few verses of Surah Ghafir in the morning will be protected and secure from morning till evening, and vice versa.

Do not pass up the magnificent reward and advantages of reading and mastering Ayat ul Qursi. Share the tremendous virtues and advantages of the greatest Ayah of the Holy Quran with your family, children, friends, and all Muslims

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