Daughters: A true blessing from Allah

Daughters: A true blessing from Allah

Allah’s greatest blessings are daughters and sons. Both girls and boys are regarded as Almighty Allah’s wonderful blessing. Daughters, on the other hand, were held in high regard and honor in Islam. It is Allah’s (SWT) Will that sometimes He provides a person a daughter and occasionally He gives a person a boy. “He gives to whom He wills daughters, and He gives to whom He wills boys,” Allah (SWT) declares. (Sura Shura, p. 49) Because Allah (SWT) addressed daughters before sons, he (SWT) specifically described daughters as having great honor and dignity.

Prophet’s Daughters

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah’s last Messenger, adored his daughter. He (PBUH) adored his daughters, was proud of them, and considered Himself fortunate to have daughters.

It is enough of a respect for girls because the majority of our beloved Prophet (PBUHoffspring )’s were daughters (Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kalthoom and Fatimah). Fatimah (RA), the Prophet’s youngest daughter, was His most cherished companion (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) adored Fatima so much that He referred to her as a part of himself. According to Miswar Ibn Makhrama (RA), the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) remarked, “Fatima is a part of me, and anyone who makes her furious, makes me angry.” Bukhari (Sahih Bukhari).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) expressed a strong desire to meet Fatima. According to Hadith, whenever Fatima (RA) visited his father, The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) would stand to greet Fatima, take her by the hand, kiss her, and make her seat where he was sitting. “I have not seen someone who resembled the Prophet (PBUH) in terms of language, speech, and manners more than Fatimah,” Aishah (RA) said. When the Prophet saw her approaching, he would welcome her, rise up for her, kiss her, take her hand, and bring her to sit in his place.” Bukhari (Sahih Bukhari).

We know that before Islam, the position of daughters was seen as a burden, both physically and monetarily. During the Jahiliyyah period, it was customary for non-believers (kafirs) to feel unhappy and angry upon the birth of a girl (ignorance). In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) stated, “And when the news of (the birth of) a female (child) is brought to any of them, his countenance becomes black, and he is overcome with deep anguish!” (Sura An Nahl: 58). However, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came to elevate the position of daughters. He (PBUH) remarked that a mother who has a daughter as her first child is fortunate. According to Wasila Ibn Asqa’ (RA), the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) stated, “Among the blessings of a mother is that the first birth be a female.” A daughter’s birth provides numerous blessings to the family. As a result, when a daughter is born into a family, she should be seen as a tremendous blessing rather than a burden.

According to Islam, having two daughters is a source of honor. Allah (SWT) places such a high importance on daughters that He (SWT) has guaranteed heaven to anybody who has two daughters. On the Day of Resurrection, the parents of two daughters would be extremely near to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). According to Anas Ibn Malik (RA), The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) stated, “He who raised two girls correctly till they grew up, he and I would meet (together) (very closely) on the Day of Resurrection like this” (he joined his blessed fingers for explaining the point of nearness between him and that person). According to another Hadith, the Prophet of Allah stated, “Whoever is put to the test by the birth of daughters and then treats them graciously, they will become a method of salvation for him from Hell.” (Muslim, Bukhari).

Paradise is obligatory for parents who lavish extra care on their daughters over the course of their childhood. “A mother came to me with two daughters,” stated Aishah (RA), Mother of Believers. She was inquiring (for food). I set her up on three occasions. She handed each of them a date, and then she picked up one of the dates and brought it to her lips, intending to eat it, but her kids indicated a desire to eat it. She then split the date she planned to eat among them. This (kind) care of her pleased me, and I told Allah’s Messenger about it (PBUH). Then he added, “Verily Allah has ensured Paradise for her as a result of (this deed) of hers, or He has rescued her from Hell-Fire.” (Al-Sahih Muslim)

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