How to Become Online Quran Teacher?

How to Become Online Quran Teacher?

Are you obsessed with the concept of leaving a legacy before you die? Why should you teach the Quran? Do you wish to memorize the Quran, or at least a portion of it, and continue on this path? Are you unsure how to teach the Quran effectively? How can you become an online Quran instructor, specifically? Continue reading.

To begin answering the question “how to become an online Quran teacher,” we must first define what teaching the Quran entails. Because that is the first step in comprehending the nature of this path. The Quran is Allah’s Almighty’s final revelation to humanity, guiding people to pleasure both in this life and in the afterlife. As a result, the first task of a Muslim who wishes to deal properly with the Quran and answer the question “how to become an online Quran teacher?” is to comprehend the Quran’s purpose and teachings in order to be able to put it to good use in his life. To put it another way, Muslims must comprehend the Quran’s messages in order to follow its demands. This is the most important thing.

Teaching online is actually more difficult, especially with children. Aside from the above stated suggestions, you should think about the following:

  • Know how to use communication apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and others.
  • Use websites that use to display Quran verses in both Arabic and English (the interpretation of their meanings).
  • Use websites that can assist your kid enhance their Quran pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Learn how to create slides for courses, particularly on PowerPoint, which may be used for explanations, activities, and even playback.
  • Break time is really important, especially for children. You may have an open conversation with him/her. Allow the learner to express him or herself by asking open-ended questions. You may also take use of this occasion to send some important messages in an indirect manner.

You can begin teaching the Quran online after considering the preceding guidelines. To get expertise, you must first work for a firm with experience in this industry, rather than as a freelancer. There are several websites where you may teach the Quran at various levels based on your qualifications. You may also make money on this voyage.

You must be cautious about your objective at this time. If it’s solely for the purpose of money, you’re doing yourself harm. According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “On the Day of Resurrection, he who does not acquire knowledge with the pure goal of seeking Allah’s pleasure but for worldly wealth shall not smell the fragrance of Jannah,” says the Prophet. [Abu Dawud]

Many Muslim scholars have differing views on collecting money to teach the Quran, especially when the Muslim does not require more funds. Many scholars, however, believe that it is permitted to accept money in exchange for your time, your work in preparing the lessons, and so on, rather than for the Quran itself.


To summarize, the Quran is a noble topic with which you may spend your life, in terms of knowledge, application, recitation, learning, and teaching. Because it is such a large duty, you should prepare thoroughly for this journey, taking into account the previously given suggestions for teaching the Quran in general and teaching it online in particular.

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