How to Make Wudu Steps

how to make wudu steps

What exactly is wudu?

Wudu is a physical and spiritual cleansing rite used before beginning prayer. The washing of the hands, lips, nose, face, arms, head, and feet is a required part of the cleansing rite.

How to make wudu steps

Step 1

The first step in practicing wudu is to make a niyyah, or intention. This may be accomplished by quieting your thoughts and becoming aware of the deed that is about to take place. Before beginning wudu, recite ‘bismillah,’ which means “in the name of Allah.” So, what exactly is the significance of niyyah? Our activities are done with the intention of pleasing Allah, according to Islam.

As a Muslim, it’s critical that your beliefs and actions are in sync. Intention is a feeling that originates from the heart. We shall be rewarded if we do well for the sake of doing good. It might be claimed that your niyyah was not pure if you do well for the sake of public admiration or to satisfy your ego. Before commencing Wudu, say bismillah aloud or quietly in your thoughts as a mental reminder to prepare oneself for the purifying process. 

Step 2

Both hands should be washed. Start by washing your right hand all the way up to the wrist using your left hand. Repeat this process three times. Remember to clean between your fingers as well.

Then repeat the process with your left hand, washing it three times. “And when he washes his hands, whatever evil he performed with his hands disappears with the water – or with the last drop of water – till he becomes free of sin,” according to Muslim’s hadith book and Jami At-Tirmidhi. 

Step 3

Take a cup of water in your right hand and rinse your mouth three times with it. Swish the water about in your mouth well to clean it, and then spit it out.

Step 4

Rinse your nose three times with warm water. Cup water with your right hand and partially inhale or sniff it into your nose without swallowing too much, since this can cause you to choke.

Repeat this technique three times with your left hand to blow off the water. While rinsing your nose for wudu, it’s critical to make sure the water you’re using is safe. 

Step 5

Wash your entire face. Wash your face with a cup of water, starting at the top of your head and working your way down to your jawline and chin. It is the Prophet’s Sunnah to keep a beard, therefore if you have one, rub your fingers through it.

If your beard is thin, you may wash it completely; if your beard is thick, run your moist fingers through it to remove any dirt. 

Step 6

Arms are being cleaned. Starting with your right arm, from the tips of your fingers to just above your elbow, wash it first. The entire arm should be saturated with water, with no dry areas. This should be done three times. 

Step 7

The process of ritually wiping your head with a tiny amount of water is known as “Masah.” You should moisten your hands and shake off any extra water. Wipe your hands through your hair in a forward and backward motion, starting at your forehead and ending at the back of your head. Clean both the inside and outside of your ears.

Wipe away any debris or wax in the grooves of your ear with your index finger, then clean the back of the ear with your thumb. This wiping of the head and ear procedure only has to be done once.

Step 8

Taking care of the feet Starting at the point of your toes and working your way up to just above the ankle, wash your right foot. To get rid of any filth that has accumulated, be sure to wash the whole foot and clean in-between each toe. Rep three times with your right foot, then repeat with your left foot.

Step 9

Once you’re done with Wudu remember to say Wudu’s Dua.

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