How to memorize the Holy Quran

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How to memorize the Holy Quran

“Hifz”, or simple memorization of the Quran, is the ambition of every Muslim. However, most siblings say they don’t have time to remember the Quran due to their rigorous daily routines. We met with various Islamic experts, many of whom have memorized the Quran, and asked them for practical advice on how to perfect Quran memorization as they juggle work and family responsibilities.


Here are some of their suggestions (mainly for busy people):


Get up early every morning


Be the first to get up and, if possible, pray the Fajr prayer at the mosque. When you have finished your morning prayers, instead of engaging in mundane activities like watching TV or surfing the Internet, take a few minutes to memorize the Quran.


Set achievable goals and memorize less than you think


You might be tempted to remember a page or two a day because that seems like a reasonable goal. However, due to lack of time, you can quickly quit. Lower your expectations and start by memorizing three to five lines each day. Even the busiest people can benefit from devoting at least 20 minutes to this type of memorization approach.


how to memorize quran easily


When you first start memorizing the Quran, you will surely come across unfamiliar verses. Accordingly, to memorize them, write five verses on a piece of paper and memorize them. Read these verses several times over the next few weeks to make sure they are fully stored in your mind.


how to memorize quran and never forget it


Use every free minute of the day to read and memorize the verses of the Quran that you have committed to memorizing. For example, you can get a lot of free minutes while waiting for a bus or a doctor’s appointment. You can carry a list of daily verses in your bag or pocket for convenient access and refer to it if you have trouble remembering what you learn.


In each Salah, recite what you have memorized


You can recite daily verses in the five daily prayers to help you remember what you’re learning. You can alternate between the five verses you learned the same day or the prior days in each raka.


memorise quran in 56 days


If one page of the Quran comprises at least 15 lines, you will have learned two pages of the Quran by the end of the week, and the trend will continue until you have fully committed the Quran to memory. You may also learn verse by verse with translation and explore the significance of the same.


how to memorize quran in 30 days


Memorization of the Qur’an is a great act of worship. It is a tool to bring discipline and order into one’s life, and it spurs many other good deeds. By memorizing the Qur’an, we also earn Allah’s pleasure as well as that of His Messengers and Prophets who are ever-present with us in this world and on the Day of Judgement. In addition to all these benefits, we also receive numerous rewards from our Lord for each letter we memorize.


It is better to remember the Quran in a quiet area with few or no distractions. By keeping the environment calm, you will be able to enhance your concentrate and so retain what you learn. For example, as previously said, early morning memorizing sessions are particularly successful because to the low number of distractions at that time. You can also switch off your phone and laptop and concentrate only on the Quran to improve your concentration.


Furthermore, you will be able to make links between previously learned content and the new material that you are about to memorize. Revise the stuff you learned in the previous seven days throughout the same day at a different time. You may also utilize Quran memorizing applications to help you stay on track with your memory objectives.


Finally, no matter how busy you are, if you attempt and practice the suggestions described above, you will be able to memorize little sections of the Quran and finally complete memorization over time. Nonetheless, consistency, perseverance, and hard study are the keys to memorizing the Quran. Furthermore, the benefits of doing so are enormous; not only will you’re Iman and Taqwa grow, but so will your self-esteem and confidence.

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