Read the Quran in 30 days schedule

Read the Quran in 30 days schedule

Apart from enhancing our deeds of ibadah and concentrating on our spiritual growth throughout Ramadan, many Muslims strive to recite the entire Quran within the holy month’s 30 days. Because the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the month of Ramadan, it’s only natural that we use this month to attempt to reap as many benefits from reciting the holy book. 

Read the Quran in 30 days schedule

However, reading the entire Quran might seem impossible – especially if you haven’t started yet and it’s already a few days into Ramadan! We’ve got some simple ideas and a guide to aid you along the road, so don’t worry.

What should I do to get ready to recite the Quran?

Before reciting the Quran, one must observe particular Adab (etiquette). This includes the following:

  • Being in a Wudhu condition (ablution)
  • Being correctly attired
  • Begin your recitation by reciting the Ta’awwudz and the Basmalah.

This is why it’s best to study the Quran before or after your prayers when you’ll be in Wudhu, clothed properly, and in the correct frame of mind to focus on your recitation and increase your faith. 

You should read slowly so that you can comprehend the meaning of the verses rather than race through them for the sake of finishing it. Save any conversation regarding the verse until after you’ve completed reciting it, and remember to praise Allah after you’ve finished

What is the best way for me to finish the Quran in 30 days (or less)?

The Quran is split into 30 juz’, each of which is different in length, and the most typical way for a lone reader is to read one juz’ every day. Because each juz’ is around 20 pages long, you may spread it out across the day:

  • After each mandatory prayer, read four pages.
  • Read two pages before and after each compulsory prayer.
  • In the morning, lunch, afternoon, and evening, read 5 pages.
  • In the morning, read 10 pages, and in the evening, read 10 pages.

These are some typical tactics, but you should eventually choose one that works for you! If you only have time late at night or early in the morning, utilize it to devote yourself to your recitation. It’s also crucial to maintain a regular recitation regimen, which will help you feel more secure and patient during the process. 

If you know individuals in your community who want to recite the Quran during Ramadan, you may all recite the juz’ together! For example, if a family of five has six members, each of them can recite six juz’ in a month. This is more convenient for the individual, yet you may still earn the prizes as a group! 

Please keep in mind that if you miss one or two deadlines do not worry and abandon the assignment. Make it your intention to read the Quran solely for Allah swt’s pleasure. Change the time to your most comfortable setting and continue your quest to finish the Quran. Allah, insha’Allah, will assist you. 

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