Top 10 Tips To Memorize Quran Faster

Top 10 Tips To Memorize Quran Faster

Memorizing Quran is an extremely good spiritual, physical, and intellectual adventure that enlightens your coronary heart, thoughts, and entire lifestyle. That`s why you notice Muslims throughout the globe are looking to study Quran memorization & Become Hafiz. Despite the limitless virtues of the Hifz Quran on this lifestyle and hereafter, nonetheless, many Muslims put off going via this spectacular adventure. Some of them bitch that they can`t locate time to memorize the Quran because of their day-by-day busy agenda and others assume it projects not possible specifically while searching in any respect 114 surahs and extra than 6000 verses. Actually, Quran memorization is virtually now no longer a not possible project however now no longer as smooth as well. It additionally doesn`t require you to dedicate all of your daylight hours and abandon your work, school, or own circle of relatives time to study Hifz Quran. So so as that will help you together along with your project, Quran teachers & professionals at Madrasat El-Quran gift you.


Top 10 Tips To Memorize Quran Fast & Easy.


  1. Pure Intention to Please Allah (SWT)

The first and maximum crucial tip to memorize Quran is to ensure that your aim (your purpose) from turning into Hafiz is to delight Allah Almighty. Your aim must now no longer be to expose off in the front of associates or others which you have memorized the ee-ebook of Allah (SWT).

  1. Memorize Quran in Early Morning

A pleasant time to memorize Quran withinside the early morning proper after Fajr prayer. After acting the prayer and earlier than having breakfast, spend from 30 to 50 mins memorizing the Quran. The thoughts are serene and have a high functionality to soak up records right now of the day.

  1. Maintain Correct Quran Recitation & Pronunciation

To memorize Quran correctly, you should first recite Quran correctly. This can not be fulfilled except you pay attention to a terrific and unique reciter of the Quran. So, in case you recognize the way to study Arabic however can`t recite the Quran because it must be, you, first of all, want to study Quran with tajweed.

  1. Prepare a Quran Memorization Schedule

Set a date via way of means of that you need to finish Hifz Quran. Break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and day-by-day memorization goals. This will make your project a lot less difficult and you may experience fulfillment each day alongside the adventure.

  1. Consistency & Commitment to Your Memorization Schedule

Be constant and dedicated to your memorization agenda and don`t bypass it even sooner or later except there may be an emergency. If you needed to bypass an afternoon because of pressing matters, make up for it tomorrow via way of means of spending an extended time memorizing the Quran. Always keep in mind that reminiscence is sort of a muscle. The extra regularly you memorize, the extra you could memorize, and the less difficult it becomes.

  1. Repeat What You Have Memorized Again & Again

Always begin your Quran memorization project with recitation and repetition of what you’ve got memorized earlier. For example, earlier than memorizing a brand new part of the Quran, recite via way of means of coronary heart what you’ve got memorized the day earlier than. At the give up of the week, recite all which you have memorized withinside the week at once. At the give up of the month, do the identical process, and so on. This will prefect your Quran memorization and now no longer overlook it.

  1. Recite What You Have Memorized at Salah (Prayer)

To exercise in addition to what you’ve got memorized from Quran, recite each day verses withinside the 5 day-by-day prayers. If you discover which you overlook a verse, cross after the prayer for your Mushaf proper away to keep in mind the verse.

  1. Understand The Meaning of Quranic Verses

If you don`t apprehend what you’re studying well, you couldn’t memorize it well. It`s very crucial to apprehend the means of the verses you’re memorizing, and the expertise they’re related to every other. Thus you must study the Tafsir (explanation) of the verses which you are memorizing and must deliver their meanings to thoughts even as reciting them.

  1. Choose a Distraction-Free Environment

As similar to deciding on the proper time while the thoughts are non-violent and clear, you must select a remote area with very little distraction in any respect along with your cellphone. This will grow awareness and higher Quran memorization.

  1. Learn Quran Memorization with Professional Quran Teacher

To make your Quran memorizing project a good deal less difficult & faster, you could get assistance from an expert Quran teacher. He/She will assist & manual you step-via way of means of-step alongside the adventure till you end up a Hafiz/Hafiz of Quran.

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