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Complete your enrollment application and let us know which program you are interested in and the date/time that best fits your busy life schedule. Note This step is NOT required if you have already talked to one of our representatives on the phone and received our “Welcome To Bequran” email, as they will have already taken care of it on your behalf.

You will receive a Welcome Email with instructions to attend the class with your dedicated native Arabic speaking teacher (All our teachers are Hafiz with Ijaza). Enjoy a high-quality 2-way video call powered by the best technologies available to date to see your Teacher and his/her shared screen/whiteboard in real-time while maintaining superior audio/video quality.

Complete your subscription using your preferred method of payment: Pay with PayPal, Credit Card or by money transfer (WesternUnion). Peace of Mind Guarantee Free Trial 100% money back Guarantee Change your Teacher and/or Cancel your subscription anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

1-on-1 Class All our regular classes are based on $9/hr Recitation and Hafiz Ijaza programs are based on $12/hr Quran Study Circle (Halaqah) Family or Friends Quran Study Circle (4-8 people) is based on $15/hr Examples of 1-on-1 Classes: 2 x 30 mins a week => $36/mo 3 x 30 mins a week => $54/mo 4 x 30 mins a week => $72/mo 5 x 30 mins a week => $90/mo Remember that it’s flexible, so you can have your classes for 45 minutes or 60 minutes and your program subscription will be calculated based on the total # of hours per month.

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