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Do you want to be a certified Quran Tutor? “Be Quran” offers you this opportunity through our online Ijazah course.

What is Ijazah?

Ijazah as an Arabic word means permission or authorization. Ijazah is a certification presented by an already authorized Quran tutor to a Muslim that allows him/her to teach Quran to other Muslims.

  • our Online Ijazah Course includes two types of certificates:
  • Ijazah in the holy Quran recitation with applying Tajweed rules
  • Ijazah in the holy Quran memorization known as (Hifz)

Why should you learn Ijazah online in the holy Quran recitation and/or memorizing?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “He who learns the Quran and teaches It to others is the best of you”. Learning the Holy Quran recitation helps one to understand the meanings of God’s words and to apply His teachings along with his/her life while memorizing It helps one to teach the Quran to others.

What is online Ijazah course?


It is an online course offered by “Be Quran” authorized Quran tutors. This course offers all of the required knowledge and skills to either be able to recite the whole Quran with fully applying all Tajweed rules or memorizing the whole Quran.

The course includes one-to-one live sessions in which the tutor can educate his/her student, check their participation, and finally test them to allow certification.

What you will learn?

The Ijazah online course is an advanced one that helps Muslims to be able to recite the Quran correctly and/or ensure their ability to memorize It, thus being allowed to pass their Quranic knowledge to others.

Who is online ijaza course for?

The Ijazah course is designed to serve all Muslims who are willing to study the Holy Quran and to teach others. The course can be taught to Muslim adults and younglings.


This advanced course requires the mastering of the Arabic language added to prior experience of applying Tajweed rules and the ability to memorize the Quran.

You can gain this experience through enrolling in our online courses:

  • Classical Arabic language course
  • Tajweed course
  • The holy Quran memorization course

Why should you enroll in our Ijazah online course?

“Be Quran” team members are a group of certified Quran tutors who have already gained their Ijazah from well-known reputable Islamic authorities. They are also Arabic speaking natives who master the reading and writing of the Arabic language.

Our course other advantages are:

  • Fully customizable so that you can earn your certificate at your own pace, but remember, this certification requires a lot of dedication and commitment, and our tutors will help you achieve this goal
  • Ijazah online course is presented via interactive and engaging video sessions
  • Affordable prices that fit your budget
  • The tutors offer extensive training, weekly assignments, and testing for ensuring the quality of your knowledge.

If you wish to learn the holy Quran and teach It to your family, friends, or community, then it is time to be a certified Quran tutor who owns an Ijazah of reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed and memorizing It. Enroll in our Ijazah course for earning maximum benefits.

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