Noor AlBayan Quran Course

Noor AlBayan Quran Course

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About Course


Reading Arabic has become much easier since the establishment of Noor Al Bayan method, the easiest way to educate kids how to learn the Arabic language and how to recite the Holy Quran.

What is Noor Al Bayan method?

It is an educational program designed by Tarek Al-Saied, an Egyptian Sheikh who was interested in making the process of learning the Arabic language much easier for kids.


This method is based on learning Arabic with the help of the Holy Quran recitation and by applying Tajweed rules, thus kids are not only able to read Arabic words, but they would also be able to recite the Quran correctly with the correct pronunciations.


Why should we learn Arabic using Noor Al Bayan method?

As previously mentioned, the core concept of applying Noor Al Bayan method in Arabic language education is to make the learning journey as much easy and exciting as possible for Muslim kids.




Noor Al Bayan  is currently certified as an educational curriculum in many Arabic-based kindergartens and schools for teaching young kids the basics of the Arabic language and Quran recitation and has proven a great success and high satisfaction rate among both kids and their parents.

What is Noor Al Bayan online course?

Noor Al Bayan Quran is one of the integrated courses offered by “Be Quran” which aims to educate both kids and non-native Arabic adults how to read Arabic language with the aid of applying Tajweed rules while reciting the Holy Quran.

What will you learn?

By completing our course, you will be able to:


-Identify Arabic letters’ shapes and forms

-Pronounce Arabic letters correctly

-Writing Arabic words and sentences

-Start reciting the Holy Quran and apply the basic Tajweed rules

Who is this course for?

Noor Al Bayan online course is designed to educate:


Kids aging from 5 years old

Muslims of any age who are interested in mastering Arabic

Whoever is interested to learn Holy Quran recitation

All non-Arabic speakers wishing to read, write and speak Arabic


This course is suitable for kids and non-Arabic speakers aiming to learn Arabic, especially those who have no prior experience in reading or writing the Arabic language.

Why should you enroll in Noor Al Bayan course offered by “Be Quran”?

“Be Quran” main goal is to spread the ability to read and write Arabic among non-Arabic speakers in order to get them to know Islam better.


We ensure that our course offers the best results – Inshaa Allah – through:


Hiring Arabic speaking professional tutors who can actively communicate with different students including young children and adults

Providing you the ability to fully customize your online classes schedule that would fit your daily life without negatively affecting any of your tasks

Presenting one to one online courses for acquiring maximum focus throughout the learning process

Assisting you with course related and non-course related issues, by answering all of your questions and inquiries

Educating our students at their own pace


Want to discover the beauty of the Islamic message yourself? Then it is time to be able to read Arabic and recite Quran for learning more about Islam, how to be a real Muslim, and how to seek God’s satisfaction throughout your daily life.


Start your spiritual journey and join Noor Al bayan Quran online course from “Be Quran”.

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