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Quran Reading

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A very frequently asked question for non arab muslims is: “How can I learn to read Quran online ?”Actually it’s easy to learn the Quran if you follow some steps in order, and master each step in a clear timeline. The following steps in this article may help you.

Learning requirements

Learning anything you want requires some preparation and some important things before starting, as it needs:

The desire to learn

You need a purpose for learning, which is very important in the educational process in order to continue learning, so you need to keep yourself motivated.

Identifying your objectives

Ask yourself, why do you want to learn reading quran?Do you learn it for just praying only? Or do you want to learn the Quran to understand It and explain it to your family members? Or do you aspire to be a licensed quran teacher?

Set a plan

Setting a plan with a clear timeline helps you not to procrastinate too much and evaluate every step you take.

Get your learning materials

Create a list and prepare your learning materials including: notes, websites, applications and so on …

Let’s start now

Once you have prepared everything, take your first step now.

learn to read quran online

After identifying your learning requirements and get motivated, these tips are useful to master your way to learn to read quran :

Find a teacher 

The first thing to do to learn reading quran is finding a professional and licensed teacher. Finding a good teacher helps to learn in the right way from the 1st time.

The teachers’ role here is to correct your mistakes; if you are doing wrong without even knowing then you are going to learn something wrong, for example, a pronunciation of a letter!

As you probably know, Arabic language consists of millions of words! If you pronounce a letter in the wrong way, you may change the meaning of that word.

Be Quran Provides online professional and licensed teachers who got the ijazah to become a Shaikh, also female teachers are available for female students, they will help you to learn reading quran by teaching your arabic through applying the qaida noorania.

Practice, practice, and practice!

Practicing is a very important way to apply what you have already learned, it helps you to challenge yourself, compare your results & evaluate your level.

Practicing with a good teacher helps you to be committed to the timeline you have created to achieve your objectives.

Get resources to understand quran

Be quran teachers provide you with many resources to understand the Quran including ebooks that help you to memorize the arabic words provided with translation to understand what these words means, so that you can learn to read quran online with fully understanding all of its meanings.

Briefly, Be Quran supports you to learn, read and recite the Holy Quran using different learning resources and techniques presented by professional teachers to satisfy your needs within a short period of time.

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